IntraTomo: Self-supervised Learning-based Tomography via Sinogram Synthesis and Prediction


We propose IntraTomo, a powerful framework that com- bines the benefits of learning-based and model-based ap- proaches for solving highly ill-posed inverse problems in the Computed Tomography (CT) context. IntraTomo is composed of two core modules: a novel sinogram prediction module, and a geometry refinement module, which are applied it- eratively. In the first module, the unknown density field is represented as a continuous and differentiable function, parameterized by a deep neural network. This network is learned, in a self-supervised fashion, from the incomplete or/and degraded input sinogram. After getting estimated through the sinogram prediction module, the density field is consistently refined in the second module using local and non-local geometrical priors. With these two core modules, we show that IntraTomo significantly outperforms existing approaches on several ill-posed inverse problems, such as limited angle tomography with a range of 45 degrees, sparse view tomographic reconstruction with as few as eight views, or super-resolution tomography with eight times increased resolution. The experiments on simulated and real data show that our approach can achieve results of unprecedented quality.

In ICCV. 2021
Rui Li
Rui Li
Research Scientist, Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen, China

Research Scientist, PCNL